Chocolate fondue in a flash with Velata!

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You’ve heard of Scentsy, right? Well did you know that they are also the genius behind Velata? Chocolate fondue has never been easier!

Dessert in less than 10 minutes.

My husband and I fired up our Velata Fondue Pot by simply plugging it in. No flames here. Which while even thought the ceramic warmer does get warm to the touch from the 25 watt bulb (yes, a light bulb!), there is no open flame to worry about, which makes this little warmer much more kid friendly. :)

After the warmer was plugged in, we sliced up some fruit: bananas and apples are good for dipping! We also had some pretzels and vanilla wafers.

Prepping the chocoate was simple. All we had to do was warm the Velata pouch in the microwave for a minute, and need the lumps out. Ours took an extra 15 seconds to get all melty. It’s really important to not overheat your chocolate or it seizes up, and that’s no good.

Squeeze your chocolate into the silicone tray on your Velata warmer and start dipping. Did I mention the silicone is microwavable and dishwasher safe?

Velata Fondue pots come in 3 cute designs and 8 colors! Plus there is Belgium Chocolate in four flavors: milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel milk chocolate, and dark chocolate!

The Verdict

Yum. The perfect easy dessert for a chilly fall evening. The milk chocolate was pretty sweet fot us, so we’re looking forward to trying the dark chocolate since they tend to be more bitter. I’m thinking this will be an easy treat for when we have guests, it has that wow factor without the wow mess!

Maraschino Curve Velata Fondue Warmer {photo credit :}

Fondue etiquette

No double-dipping, please!
No fingers in the fondue.
Don’t run with your fondue fork!


Christina Stainbrook, Velata Consultant

Disclosure: I received a Velata Warmer and chocolate pouches for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received and the opinions here are my own.

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  1. hedgehogi says

    I love the no flame! It looks so easy to set up and do. I might have to go out and get one!

    Thanks for the review!

  2. anne l says

    i have an old fondue pot. yes, with the fire under it! my kids love it but i always have to be right there with them so they are safe. i love the idea of the electric velata warmer. much safer and it probably warms the contents evenly! sounds awesome!!
    :) thanks! :)
    anne l

  3. Leona says

    It’s so perfectly tiny! I haven’t done yet chocolate fondue because of the huge mess and many parts to buy (and I feel like so much chocolate goes wasted down the sink drain).

  4. Trisha McKee says

    That is too cute! I love having people over, and this would be the perfect thing for a snack to put out, without seeming like I put no effort into it. Love it!


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