The Story Time Potty makes potty learning fun!

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As if potty training wasn’t already a challenge, adding Autism to the mix makes it that much more! I think we tried 4 different potty chairs with Sebby and we were all getting frustrated. THEN we found the Story Time Potty from Summer Infant. And we had POTTY SUCCESS. Several times in a row! Which meant it wasn’t a fluke!

Hip Hop Hooray!

The Story Time Potty is the first potty to help keep children engaged while training. This adorable frog themed potty comes with a story book about “Frankie” the frog’s adventure getting to the potty on time. The potty has an interactive panel that reads the story to the child to keep them engaged while trying to go potty and the other buttons provide rewarding phrases for additional encouragement.

In lieu of the daily newspaper, Sebby likes to sit on his Story Time Potty with his iPad (no the case matching the potty is not on purpose). I don’t blame him. Unlike the competitor’s pottys, the Story Time Potty has a wide and stable base and a more contoured seat with a high back. It’s still very easy to clean out the basin, and when Sebby is ready for the transition, the froggy seat lifts of the base and will sit on the big toilet. The base doesn’t go unused either, it can be flipped over and turned into a step stool! The only challenge we’ve come across is when Sebby decides he wants to empty the potty himself, that sometimes a little bit gets spilled inside the base, but really, that’s no big deal!

He happily sits on the potty with either his iPad or the cute wipeable story book about Freddy the Frog that comes with the potty chair. In addition to the book, there are interactive buttons that either read the story to Sebby or give him words of encouragement. It’s super cute! I’ll be working at my desk and I here the story and giggles in the bathroom!

After lots of failures, both in portable pottys and accidents, we are very happy to have the Story Time Potty in our bathroom. It’s only a matter of time before Sebby will learn how to use the potty and then it will be his sister’s turn!

Story Time Potty

Thanks Summer Infant, for helping to solve our potty problem!

Disclosure: I received a Story Time Potty in exchange for this review. No other compensation was received and the opinions here are my own.

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  1. Krista Hughes says

    Can I ask, where did you find the iPad case? The potty seat is cool, but I found with both of my boys on the autism spectrum that, by the time they were ready to potty train, most available potty chairs were way too small for them. Both my boys were big for their age though.

  2. Seyma Shabbir says

    Love the Potty chair. We got one for our oldest and it worked but our youngest won’t use it. He will sometimes use the toilet but def. never the potty one for him. I think if he saw someone else using it the maybe he would also.

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