The Signet High Chair will grow with your family.

In early 2011, Quincy got her big girl highchair, a Svan, from Scandinavian Child. Since then, they’d done a little fine tuning to an already amazing chair. It now comes with a five point harness (a godsend if you have an escape artist like Quincy) and it’s more user friendly and easier to adjust with their new improved hardware. PLUS, there are now two Signet High Chair models to choose from to fit your needs.

The Signet Complete is a traditional high chiar, and can be used with or without it’s included tray so your infant as young as 6 months can join the family at mealtime.

The Signet Essential is designed for the next stage, toddlers and preschoolers, allowing them to step up into the chair and seat themselves.

signet high chair

BOTH chairs are suitable for an adult, making them great investments. Plus, if you already have a Signet Essential chair, it’s very easy to convert it to a Complete high chair with the purchase of the new Signet Baby kit, which includes a wooden tray, plastic tray cover and guard.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? You can enter to WIN a Signet Complete High Chair in our Baby Birthday Bash!

Learn more about Scandinavian Child on their website.



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