Tax Time Dance Party with Walmart Best Plans #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias #Shop

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Tax Time Dance Party with Walmart Best Plans #FamilyMobile #shop

There’s a special feeling when you finally submit your taxes – hopefully it’s not because you owe money to Uncle Sam but that you’re getting a little back because you’ve managed your deductions and credits wisely. It might even make you want to have a Tax Time Dance Party! Just like when you dance because you’re saving money on your cell phone service with Walmart Best Plans.

Last month I checked out the Cheap (est) Wireless Plans at Walmart and took advantage of unlimited talk text and data/web when I tried Walmart’s Family Mobile service.  It’s crazy affordable compared to my “old” plan at savings of about $100 a month – and I still get to use a smart phone.

One of the great things about Family Mobile is there are so many wonderful phones for under $100! It’s perfect for people who are on a limited budget – and since you’ve probably gotten a little something back on your taxes, maybe you could spring for some fun accessories! I was pleasantly surprised at the great selection of headsets, cases and get this – portable speakers at my local Walmart.

Walmart Family Mobile #Shop

One of the things I love about having a smart phone is having some of my music with me.  I splurged a little and got a portable bluetooth speaker – it’s fabulous. And of course, this means I can always have a dance party. My friend Leanne’s kids introduced me to instant dance parties, and they are the best. Obviously I had to try out the speaker with them!

Dancing with Walmart Family Mobile and Jambox #shop

Even my littlest guy joined in and had some fun. Did I mentioned how easy it is to share tax time dance party photos because of the unlimited talk text and data/web plans? Walmart sure does make it easy!

Dance Jump! Walmart Family Mobile #Shop

Want to save money on Walmart Best Plans and have your own tax time dance party?

It’s easy. Simply file your taxes. Then head to Walmart and save money on the cheap(est) wireless plans. Pick up some great accessories like a new case, speakers or headphones and of course, don’t forget your apps card.

Phone and Accessories #shop

You’ll be tax time dancing in no time!

Save with Walmart Best Plans #shop


  1. Cari K says

    I’ve never heard of a Tax Time Dance Party before, but I love the idea! Thanks for the info about the phone plans, too!

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