We rocked it out! @LeapFrog “Rock ‘n Learn” Touch Magic #LeapFrogTouchMagic

Quincy ready to party

It’s no question I’m a huge fan of LeapFrog products. Huge. They are pretty much a staple in our household. So when I was given the chance to host a LeapFrog “Rock ‘n Learn” Touch Magic Party thanks to Mom Select, I was pretty stoked. And I knew my kids would be too. What is… [Read More]

The #BlogHer11 decompression…

Mom Spark

Monday I was still on a BlogHer11 adrenaline high. After four and a half days of being with awesome bloggy friends, that is to be expected. I’m glad I had BlogHer over the weekend, because my amazing son was formally diagnosed with Autism. Which we knew. But hearing it for real is something else. Tuesday… [Read More]