Small Moments with our blogging family

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One of the hard things about living across the country from our family is that my children don’t get to grow up with their cousins. Now, I wasn’t super close to my cousins either, but we still saw them a few times a year. The wonderful things about some of my local blogging friends is they’ve become my family. Not to call out favorites (okay, to totally call out favorites) but we spend a lot of time with Leanne (of Rave & Review) and her husband Tyler and their two children. Our kids are growing up together and sharing so many childhood milestones and small moments, it’s so sweet.

Girl cousins

I’ll fully admit, one of the things I love about spending time with Leanne is she always has her camera. Her real camera, she’s not hidden behind her phone. She has a knack for capturing these wonder small moments that our children are sharing and I just love it. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we also sometimes like to dress our children in complementary (or matching!) clothing to accentuate the adorableness.

Blogging Cousins

Lately our wardrobe of choice has been from Gymboree. It’s hard to go wrong. Classic, fashionable clothing that the kids can play hard in and still look great. Even with our kids being of varying ages we can usually find pieces that look great without being overly matchy. The Yellow and Black dresses we got for the girls are just precious, and our guys look great in their Beach Buddies shirts.

Our kids love being together whether it’s a picnic in the backyard, a family dinner at Red Robin, or even a very special trip to Disneyland. Watching them grow up together brings back the same memories I had with my own cousins, and I just love it. I feel very lucky that they have each other.

Small Moments at Disney Junior


PS…you may be wondering where Sebby is in these photos. Don’t worry, we didn’t leave him out , he just didn’t want to have his picture taken that day. He looks just as dashing in his new clothes as his siblings and blogging cousins

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  1. Jeanine says

    These are some very cute pics. You are both very fortunate to have made such great friendships!

  2. nicole dz says

    We make sure our kids grow up knowing there family, cousins and all. It is so important to have time with family as they grow up. My kids get the same way with sometimes not wanting to take pictures.

  3. says

    We don’t live near our family either. Luckily we do have a brother-in-law close by, so my kids are close to his daughter. It’s neat that your blogger friends have become so close!

  4. Jennifer Hiles says

    What great photos. I just love the matching outfits.You are right, she does do something special with her camera. I can never get moments like these. I’m always a few seconds too late! Love the one of the girls looking at each other.

  5. Dorothy Boucher says

    you have a beautiful family , God Bless You and Yours.. as far as the clothing goes, love the cute outfit and now a days there are so many wonderful places to shop for little peoples clothing, hehe I know I have eight grandchildren and I try to help out as much as I am able to.. thanks for share

  6. Wendi S says

    That is so sweet. It is something I feel like I am ripping my kids off of a chance to be close to their cousins. Hopefully we will be moving shortly to a more populated area and we can make friends with another family they can be close with. Like cousins.

  7. says

    It’s so nice to have someone (family or not) to spend extra time with. I think it’s important for children to have those special friends, but it’s important for parents too. We all need someone to lean on (outside of significant others) when things get tough. It’s how we’re wired. Your friend takes beautiful pictures too!

  8. Erica R. says

    I know how it is to not live near family. It certainly gives you a new appreciation and joy for them when you do get to be with them.

  9. Maria Iemma says

    My family lives in California and we live in New York, it is hard to be such a distance away but thanks for skype and facebook we keep connected.

  10. Kaitlyn Ivy says

    What a great post. The kids were adorable in their clothes. Really great that you and your family have found something in which everyone can participate together.

  11. Caitlyn says

    i’m a new follower- where are you from? I am marrying into a jablonski family from Massachusetts. just thought it was funny.
    anyway. I am a blogger and i have met such nice ppl thru blogging. I haven’t met anyone in person yet but I’d like to someday!

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