Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 2014 – Are you ready?

This what you call a bandwagon post. It’s sort of obligatory, after all, I do live in Seattle.

That being said, are you ready for
Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 2014?!?


Seattle Seahawks Superbowl 2014

Photo Source:, Google, Approved for Commercial Use

Have you taken off work the next day. Go ahead, I’ll wait while you email your boss.

Now head over to my Amazon store (affiliate) and grab your Seahawks Super Bowl gear. You won’t want to delay, stuff will sell out, and then you’ll have to wear, gasp, LAST YEARS GEAR.

Don’t worry, you can buy more than what is shown, that’s just a sampling of all the coolness you can find!

Whether you need a new beer koozie, a shirt for your dog, a cheerleading outfit for your daughter or new jersey for you, Amazon has pretty much got you covered!

Gear is covered, so don’t forget about the super bowl snacks and drinks!


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