Quincy loves her Dandelion House Sorter! @dandelionearth

I know when I’ve discovered a good toy for Quincy when Sebastian is just as interested in it as she is. Though I am not sure she appreciates it being take out of her hands everytime she starts playing with it.

The Dandelion Little House Sorter is adorable. Made of Organic Cotton, it has 4 fun little shapes that crinkle, rattle and otherwise delight. They certainly capture Quincy’s attention. I feel good knowing there aren’t any scary dyes or chemicals in a toy that invariably will go into her mouth.

Another bonus? It’s machine washable. So whether it’s covered in Quincy drool or cat hair (ew right?) I can toss it in the wash with her clothes and it comes out good as new. You can’t say that about to many baby toys!

She loves it, I love it, her big brother loves it. Win win!

photo by Keri*Meyers*Photography with permission

Dandelion earth-friendly goods makes lots of eco-conscious products that I can feel good about. Whether it’s toys, clothing or tableware, I know I can trust that their products are safe for my family.

Disclaimer: I received products for the purpose of this review. I was not monetarily compensated for this post and the opinions here are my own.


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