The new Avengers trailer is here!!

Check it out! Who is your favorite Avenger? “Like” MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS on Facebook: Follow them on Twitter: … [Read More...]


Why I love Tea Collection {Let me count the ways}

What's not to love about Tea Collection? 10. Beautiful. 9. It's the same name as my favorite drink. 8. Their designs are inspired by travel. 7. Cotton. Cotton. Cotton. 6. They have an app! 5. Tea can be found Internationally (but only ships to the US right now) 4. Bali Arts & Crafts for boys and girls 3.  Bali Safari for boys 2. Bali Temple Garden for girls 1. They are giving one … [Read More...]

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The Adventures of Chuck & Friends now on DVD! {download activities}

Chuck is our favorite little dumptruck! He hangs out on our train table with his friends Thomas and Lightening. Which means the idea of having The Adventures of Chuck & Friends on DVD was a hit! Friends to the Finish is a REALLY cute story about our favorite dump truck! He learns with friends and determination that everyone is a winner! Adorable, right? We thought so! My kids loved … [Read More...]

iRig Mic

Our resident musician’s take on the iRig Mic from IK Multimedia

Not so long ago, I received several press releases for new iRig products from IK Multimedia. Knowing I couldn't give it the justice they deserved in a review, I reached out to Tony, the husband of our safety writer since he's a musician. He's been using the iRig Mic for a little over a week now, and shared his feedback with me. I was totally stoked when I was asked to review the iRig Mic. Since … [Read More...]

my little pony


I was a child of the 80s so I have lots of memories of My Little Pony. Unlike my friends, I didn't have hordes of them so I always liked going to their houses to play with the cute little horses, unicorns and pegasus'. Quincy and I watched this sweet little story about friendship together - I think it's definitely better suited for older chlidren (she's about 20 months) but she still enjoyed … [Read More...]

Doesn't this look good!?

Friends and Fun with Chef Boyardee!

It sounds crazy right? Eating Chef Boyardee as adults? I remember eating Chef Boyardee as a little kid, at friends and grandparents houses. It's a childhood staple almost. Chef Boyardee has several recipes to take your childhood nostalgia and make them all grown up. We got together with some family friends for a dinner a la Chef Boyardee over the weekend. To help with our little party, … [Read More...]

friends with kids

Friends With Kids – In Theaters March 9th

Friends With Kids is a daring and poignant ensemble comedy about a close-knit circle of friends at that moment in life when children arrive and everything changes. The last two singles in the group observe the effect that kids have had on their friends' relationships and wonder if there’s a better way. They decide to have a kid together - and date other people. Friends With Kids stars … [Read More...]