One Screen? No Way! Catch It ALL Now at Best Buy

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Catch it All - Best Buy
Five years ago if you had told me I would be using multiple devices to watch a movie, sports, or news, I would have laughed a little. But the reality is, we all have multiple screens in our home. Laptops, tablets, TVs, phones… all of the to keep us connected. Let’s be honest, one screen is not enough.

Me, I’m a cellphone girl. In fact, I’m totally guilty of sitting AT my laptop, and still Facebooking from my phone. Go ahead, call me a social media nerd. I know it’s true. Sometimes I can even get the information I want faster on my phone, and I guess that might be part of it.

Oh yeah, and then there is that whole March Madness thing. I suppose it’s worth a mention, considering I went to Ohio State and all. Heh. If you’re following the NCAA March Madness you’re definitely going to be using “multiple screens” to stay current on the tournament and brackets. How else would you keep it all straight?

You might as well head over to Best Buy right now. They have the latest in HDTVs, Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops! You’ll be able to Catch It All with all the options in multi-screens!


  1. Jeanine says

    Oh, great, Now I have to go buy another screen? Where am I going to put this one, lol!!! My purse is about to burst at the seams and my family room looks like the foyer to a geeksquad convention,lol!

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