Need new wheels? Check out the Joovy Kooper!

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What do you push your toddler in when the sun is beating down in Las Vegas? A Joovy Kooper of course. This stroller is sure to turn heads. Maybe it’s the bright lemontree color but more likely it’s that it’s just a good-looking stroller.

With it’s ample canopy (better than any other out there) that has amazing sun coverage (and a peekaboo window to check on your napping little one) and slick geometry doesn’t fall over when you have a loaded diaper bag on it’s back. Sure, this lends it to being a little bit harder to tip up a curb, but that’s easily a fair trade off. We loved the one handed push (even with a bad wrist) – whether taking a phone call or drinking a latte, you can still push with ease.

The interior “kid pockets” for toys and sippy cups stands out among the rest. The back of the canopy has cup-holders for dad (and mom) plus a place for your keys, iPhone and then there is the storage basket – you’ll be pleased with how much this stroller really holds – without weighing it down. Did we mention the great recline? Perfect for the afternoon nap while you still enjoy the sights.

Bonus points for the locking front wheels, which are great for rough terrain. Even better that those same wheels are easily removed for packing. I bet your standard umbrella stroller doesn’t do that. You’ll love the four wheel suspension. The brakes are easy to engage and disengage too.

The safety lock for folding is nice, it does take a little effort to engage the safety strap that keeps Kooper folded. A small inconvenience, which we are sure that will get easier over time.

The verdict? The Joovy Kooper is made of win. Lightweight (under 18 pounds) and an excellent traveling companion. It comes in 4 fun colors that are sure to make you, and your child smile. Check it out at

We received a Joovy Kooper free of charge for the purpose of this review. The opinion here is our own.

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