I met THE Toy Guy…

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In addition to eating at my very favorite restaurant, Taste of India, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Byrne, aka The Toy Guy and Gail DiRe of Book it Northwest. Oh, and did I mention I had the ever charming Quincy in tow?

If you’re wondering WHO Chris is, he happens to be the director of content at Time to Play, this fabulous website that is ALL THINGS TOYS. Chris KNOWS his stuff, after all, he’s been in the industry for nearly 3 decades.

I love toys and technology, so we had a delightful conversation about some of my favorite brands, including LeapFrog, and some of my childhood favorites, including My Little Pony, which have made a comeback – and it’s a good thing, because Quincy likes them!

I shared with Chris one of my biggest pet peeves – and that’s toys that suck batteries and have odd quantities. The 6 battery thing kills me. FOUR. Keep it at FOUR. Not only are batteries expensive, but there is nothing more aggravating then thinking you have enough batteries for some super cool electronic toy and then… not so much.

We talked about movies, how expensive it was to go to them (if you live in a big city you REALLY know) and the toys inspired by them. Thankfully, my son is only obsessed with Cars toys right now.

Chris also gave me some tips on my 2012 Holiday Toy Guide which I am really stoked about – you’ll have to come back for that because I am not giving ANYTHING away. Not a single hint. :)

And Chris – I’m really curious about this Squishy Bath stuff you told me about, but the real judge is Sebby. I guess I’ll find out!

Disclosure: I am under no obligation to write this post about TimetoPlay or The Toy Guy. Other than a nice lunch, I received no compensation and the opinions here are my own.

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  1. Jennie Scott says

    Wow, what a great feeling you must have had to meet Chris Byne. I love him a lot by the way.

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