Holiday Craft: Candy Cane Reindeer

candy cane reindeer

I’ve been making these candy cane reindeers for as long as I can remember. They are simple. inexpensive and fun to make! A quick stop at your local Jo-Anns or Walmart will get you everything you need  to make candy cane reindeer for a few dollars.

To make your Candy Cane Reindeer

Candy canes – I prefer classic peppermint but any kind will do
Brown pipe cleaners
Small googley eyes
Small red pom poms
Elmer’s Glue

candy cane reindeer

Start by putting a little glue on the crook of the candy cane for the googley eyes and nose. Don’t worry about perfect placement, to me this is part of what gives each reindeer his personality.

candy cane reindeer

I find it easier if I put my candy cane reindeer in a mug or piece of styrofoam while I bend the pipe cleaner antlers so the glue has a chance to dry.

candy cane reindeer

Just like the placement of the eyes and noses, your pipe cleaner antlers will add to the personality to your reindeer, so have some fun twisting and turning them. It’s easy to place them on, just fold them in half, and twist them on the top of the candy cane.

candy cane reindeer

There you have it, now all you have to do is be patient and let the glue dry before you hang them on your tree, stick them in your potted plants or give them as gifts!

candy cane reindeer

What would you do with your Candy Cane Reindeer?



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