Love robots? You’ll love HEXBUGS!

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Ever since I saw my first Hexbugs I’ve been enthralled with these little robotic creatures! They will thrill both the big and little kids in your life. IN FACT, you might have to pull the away from your husband when you give them to your son for the holidays. Which means you might as well get more than one.

Little Robots, BIG FUN


The new Hexbug Warriors Battling Robots are nothing like the Hexbugs I checked out last year. They take robotic fun to a whole new battling level. You know that cable show on late night tv with the destructive robots? Yeah, that’s pretty much these, with less violence and small enough to fit on your coffee table. But the entertainment and fun are there.


Product Features

  • Battling Robots have real running motors!
  • Shock sensor inside and snap-on weapons and armor
  • Bonus extra armor included
  • Customize your Warrior for Battle, mixed and match the included Weapons and Armor
  • Build your own battle arena, connect with other Warriors playsets to create your own mega stadium


The battles are AWESOME! And the cat goes nuts! Hexbugs are already my go to gift for my son’s friends birthday parties, and it looks like we are upping the ante (for special friends) with the battle arenas! There are lots of different choices of robots, so you can build quite an army – just think of the fun you could have!

Caution – these little robots are full of small parts – which makes them pretty significant choking hazards. So if you have little ones, pets that aren’t very bright or older ones that still chew on toys – be careful! Stepping on them hurts too – oy!

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this post. No other compensation was received and the opinions and experiences are my own.

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