We love Abigail, our interactive storybuddy from Hallmark!

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We’ve been enamored by Interactive Story Buddies from Hallmark for quite some time now. First Jingle the Husky Pup entered our lives, then Nugget and his story of his first days of school. And then, Quincy met Abigail.

Interactive Story Buddy

This girlie-girl bunny is a Story Buddy best seller. Abigail’s books cover themes like growing up and discovering what you do best. She loves everything grown-up, like hosting fancy tea parties, playing dress-up and doing gymnastics. But in all her “big girl bunny” escapes, she’s one happy little bunny at heart.

Coordinating books

Abigail’s coordinating books—Abigail and the Balance Beam (included with Abigail), Abigail and the Tea PartyAbigail and the Lost Purse and her latest book Abigail and the Fashion Show—contain key phrases that she’ll respond to. Each book reveals more phrases and more things for Abigail to say. Her latest book also includes a bunny-sized purse for her to carry. It’s perfect for lip gloss, a good luck charm or other special treasures.

Quincy loves her Abby Bunny and she loves when we read her story, we also downloaded Abigail and the Balance Beam app for iPad. Not only does it interact with Abigail by reading her the story so Abigail interacts, it also includes a kid-friendly puzzle and a fun “dress up” game! Just between you and me, Sebby loves the “dress up” game too. It’s so cute!

We’ll be asking Santa for the other books for Abby Bunny to continue the fun. In the meantime, Abby will continue to keep her company at bedtime and playtime! It’s easy to see why, Abigail is adorable!


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Disclosure: I received an Interactive Storybuddy and other Hallmark products in exchange for this post. No other compensation was received and the opinions here are my own.

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  1. Marthalynn says

    I just love Hallmark! Seriously, no one does Christmas like them. I cannot wait to go in there this weekend and check out all their holiday items. I will definitely be looking for this cute little toy too!

  2. Laura B says

    My daughter would love this. We have never gotten one of these from Hallmark before, but my daughter is at that age where this would be perfect for her now!

  3. Lisa R says

    i guess interactive toys are popular this year, its a great idea though, this is so adorable, can i keep it?

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net


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