1. Michael Johnson says

    Nice round-up. But I thought using the word clunker was a bit to harsh. The Z10 for example, maybe not as popular as the iPhone but I thought it functioned pretty well and had some really dynamic features. The Galaxy Gear on the other hand, though very dependent on a Samsung smartphone, is still a great gadget to have.
    I agree how Google Glass is a definite game changer. I see a real Sci-fi feature with it.

    • says

      Hi Michael! Thanks for your thoughts! I’m not the original author of the infographic, but I thought it was neat enough to share! Technology certainly is changing isn’t it?

  2. Carolann Leibenguth says

    I am not tech savy but the results were interesting, I would really like to try the Google Chromecast even I can figure that one out.

  3. nicole dz says

    Im still trying to get an ipad air in 2014, its so amazing how tech changes so rapidly. I would love to have the google glass as that more in 2014 tech, but I would never pay the price for them.

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