Baking made easy with Dassant Baking Mixes

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So many baking mixes, so little time to bake!

What do you do when it’s the day before Thanksgiving and you have SIX Dassant Baking Mixes to choose from (which is just a small selection of what they offer by the way)

You make brownies. And let me tell you, these are REALLY good brownies!


I still have five more mixes to try, but here are my tips:

1.) If it says to coat your baking dish, make sure you do. Depending on what I am baking depends on what I use. And the dish I use too. I don’t use spray on metal pans, it builds up. I prefer butter (smeared on with a piece of paper towel) to grease my pans.

2.) Let your eggs and butter come to room temperature. It’s easier to mix. Don’t over mix your brownie batter. Just enough so it’s moistened and there is no dry mix.

3.) Sometimes your oven make take more or less than time than what’s written on the box. Mine takes longer with the Dassant Brownie Mix. This is where one of those cake tester things come in handy.

4.) Don’t fool yourself. The box also says you can store leftover brownies in the refrigerator for a few days. We all know there is no such thing as leftover brownies.

I love how Dassant Baking Mixes make it easy to whip up a fantastic dessert with little effort – that’s a good thing considering how crazy the holidays can get!

Dassant Baking Mixes are part of the Noise Girls Winter Gift Guide giveaway. Head on over to see great ideas for you and your family this Winter season. Make sure to check out our complete Winter Gift Guide for ideas on what to give this holiday season.



Disclosure: I received product from Dassant Baking Mixes in exchange for this post. No other compensation was received and the opinions here are my own.

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says

    I haven’t tried these but we love brownies in this house as well. Great tips also. I didn’t think about letting the eggs get to room temp. I have with butters but not eggs…I learned something new…thanks

  2. Marthalynn says

    Yum! Love the tip about letting eggs come to room temp before mixing. I always forget that part! Now I want to make some brownies…

  3. Kitty says

    I bought several of these mixes last year and they were delicious. Now I keep some on hand for unexpected occassions.


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