I get Bacon!

I get Bacon

This is a Fashionista Events opportunity. I will receive a swag bag of goodies from writing this post. Dogs, bacon and a fun rap! It’s a little hard to go wrong. Sorry if the song gets in your head! If you’re looking for more info on Beggin’ Party Poppers and the series of YouTube videos,… [Read More]

The Issue Crushing Female Confidence

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.25.52 PM

This is a sponsored post by Theradome.com. The views expressed here may not reflect those at Iamthemaven.com. Society’s standards of beauty are often vapid and forever evolving, but one thing remains fairly standard: a woman’s affinity for her hair. One New York City woman, Sabra Hardy, shares her difficult journey of balding, delves into the… [Read More]

My friends are HILARIOUS. Thank goodness for #PoisewithSAM


So there was that time you had light bladder leakage from reading something funny? Yeah, about that. Get some Poise Microliners because this sponsored post for Socialstars is going to make it happen again.#PoisewithSAM I really feel that some of my friend’s blog posts and photos need to come with some sort of warning label…. [Read More]