Caramelized nectarines. #easydessert

Last night I was trying to figure out an easy dessert for my husband and I that didn’t require a ton of work, used what I had on hand and could be prepared in a matter of minutes.

I found a solution in a matter of minutes.

easy dessert

I admit, I remember seeing my friend Jen post about making these on Facebook a few days ago, so when I realized I pretty much had everything I needed, I went for it.

Caramelized Nectarines

You’ll need:

a few nectarines, the firmer the better
1-2 tablespoons butter
2-4 tablespoons brown sugar

something to serve them with,  I used cottage cheese.

Start by slicing up your nectarines. This is where it’s good they are a little firmer. Otherwise you get a slightly juicy mess like I did. It’s up to you whether you peel them or not.

easy dessert

Once you have your nectarines sliced up, heat your butter in a large sauce pan on medium heat. You want the butter to just start bubbling but not be browning before you add your nectarines.

easy dessert

Once your butter is all melty, add the nectarines and brown sugar, stirring to coat until nice and caramelly.

easy dessert

Serve with cake, ice cream, yogurt or like I chose, cottage cheese.

Easy, simple and delicious.




  1. Angela s says

    This sounds so yummy and easy. My kids would love this. I want to try it with peaches. They are sooo good right now. I’m also thinking for a special dessert it would be good to add a shortcake. Mmmmm! Thanks for this recipe. I’m gonna do it over the weekend!

  2. Miranda M says

    Yum, this looks really good and simple to make! I think I would look for an easy crumble-like topping to go along with this, and maybe some ice cream. Thanks for the recipe!

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