An Ode to Breakfast…

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kellogg breakfast

Dear Breakfast,

Most days you are a bowl of cereal and milk. Easy and simple. A boost of energy.

Weekend mornings you may expand to pancakes or french toast. Bacon or sausage. Scrambled or overeasy. Maple syrup. Fresh squeezed orange juice. A little more time with family.

I love you breakfast.




For those of you who are reading this who don’t eat breakfast, you are missing out and so are your kids. Breakfast is so important. It’s the jumpstart to your day. You need the protein in breakfast to feel energized until lunch (it keeps you from unnecessary snacking too) Breakfast means kids work smarter and harder. So take just 17 minutes, pour some bowls of cereal. Sit down with your kids. Start your day out right.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, all of the opinions here remain my own.


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  1. G Bailey says

    thank goodness i was able to instill habits like breakfast and exercise with my daughter–not so successful with myself :/

  2. says

    I definitely love breakfast food. We never have enough time in the morning for anything nice becuase my kids complain and whine about getting out of bed and then have to rush to get anything in them so they can get to school. Luckily I make them eat breakfast no matter what it is or no matter how quickly they do it, so I guess I’m not the person who wants to be talking while eating breakfast- just eat it and get ready to go :) I do however like the nice sit down big breakfasts we sometimes get to enjoy on Saturday or Sunday or even those special occasions when we get to have breakfast for dinner.
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  3. says

    I always make sure my daughter has breakfast. Even if it’s just a piece of bread and a clementine. Some days she really doesn’t want to eat breakfast. I don’t usually eat breakfast. I’m usually nursing/changing the baby. Then by the time I’m done doing that Madelynn is done with her breakfast and I have to help her brush her teeth, get dressed, and such.
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  4. Vanessa Kowalski says

    As much as I try, my daughter is definitely NOT a breakfast kind of girl. She doesn’t really get hungry until about 9:00 AM, when she’s usually already sitting in a classroom. Since I’ve started homeschooling her, her habits have improved and she eats every morning, on her own schedule, but at least she does eat breakfast now. She’ll be going to a traditional school in a couple of years, I really hope that she doesn’t get too spoiled eating every meal at home and on her own schedule… ;)

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