Meet Milo (aka we adopted a kitten!)

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I’ve always been a cat person. My first cat was when I was about 6. I came home from my Dad’s at Christmas and the bathroom at my Mom’s was meowing.

Fast forward a few decades and my life has been full of some pretty great cats. When I was in college, I discovered the Bengal breed and knew I wanted to have one. Unfortunately for me, pure breds come at a price. This past week, my husband and I were delighted to find George, a Bengal/Ocicat mix at SPOT, an animal rescue program about an hour north of us in Skagit County.

George, the Bengal/Ocicat mix at SPOT

See what a good looking boy he is? We were told that George was a sweet kitty, but pretty shy. He was happy to purr when we pet him, and allowed us to scratch underneath his chin. He even let Quincy pet him gently. Score!

However, we weren’t expecting the little black and white tuxedo, Milo, to come strolling in and climb on my lap and start purring. Before I knew it, I was petting two different kitties.

Milo was very insistant on getting to know us, showing how rambunctious he was with his fellow kittens being fostered, and engaging both Sebby and Quincy.

Meanwhile, we tried to make progress with George, who is a delightful kitten. He allowed us to pet him and even pick him up and hold him. but he didn’t really have the confidence we wanted in a kitten. We knew that the kids might make him uneasy, and we didn’t want to do that to him either.

So after playing with Milo and the other kittens some more, we knew the decision had been made. Well, it had been made for us. Milo must have spied us when we walked in the door.

He’s been home with us for about twenty four hours right now and has settled right in. We were going to see if we liked a different name for him since Milo is his foster name. but Sebby called him Milo last night, so Milo it is!

Milo, the kitten that adopted us.

What we are still trying to figure out is that apparently black tuxedo cats are really hard to adopt out. We don’t understand that at all, and maybe it’s just Milo, but he has the BEST little personality!

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, and want a specific breed be sure to check for rescues in your area. Or do what we did, and check out You might just be surprised.

I want to thank Jen at Saving Pets One at a Time for making such a difference in cats and dogs lives. And Ann, Milo and George’s foster mom for opening her home up to us so we could come meet George and adopt Milo.

Remember if you do have a pet, do make sure you spay or neuter them, and for their safety, keep them indoors. :)


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  1. Ash Johnson says

    Super cute kitty. I’ve gotten all my dogs and cats from local shelters. They really are the best. Good luck with everything.

  2. Chelsey says

    I don’t get the hang up with adopting tuxedo cats either. He’s adorable! We adopted 3 outdoor kitties that old neighbors abandoned over the summer, and they’re too stinkin’ sweet.

  3. Mindy Grant says

    Oh, he is so sweet Kerri! I just want to scoop him up and cuddle him. I got my first cat at age 2, and have been a cat lover ever since. My Maggie & Pablo each have their own little personalities and keep me very entertained! Have fun with this little guy!

  4. Miranda M says

    Oh my God, he’s so cute! I absolutely love cats, always have. I’m glad to hear about the site you mentioned, in the future when I’m ready for another cat I would like to adopt it from a shelter.

  5. Lianne says

    Funny how that works. :> Sounds like Milo is a great fit and he knew it!
    I’ll never understand why certain colors get overlooked so much, but I’ve certainly seen the truth in it while volunteering. Black cats the worst, black-and-whites the next.

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